keskiviikko 12. lokakuuta 2016

Skyrim next level (redoing some parts)

Stepping up my adventurer game I decided to weather and add some little details to my skyrim cosplay. I added braids to the waist belt and around the medals in the hip belt.

I smudged acrylic paints mixed with water into the fur parts to make them look dirtier

I also remade the beltbuckle and added some real rust to the studs.

I bought real rust from Harraste. I bought vallejo pigment in color light rust and clear fixative.
I added the rust powder with pencil and added the fixative with clean pencil. then I let it dry and tadaa I got rust. 

I remade the pauldron. I used 0,5cm craft foam to make the leather part. I created the leathery texture using tin foil witch I had crumbled into a ball and then stretched out leaving me with the texture I wanted. Then I just pressed the foil into the craft foam and ironed over it with my clothes iron.
After texturing I painted it with different hues of browns and black acrylic paints and then I sewed around it with flax thread. 

Finally I remade the gloves from cotton blend and sewed around the edges with tar basted thread.

Sometimes redoing some parts of your cosplay is all you need to spark up the interest and motivation. 

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