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Making the dawn breaker from Skyrim

So many pictures but bare with me!
First I scaled the dawnbreaker using http://nifegun.com 
after that I made template out of the picture of the sword and traced it to paper. 
I decided to use metal rod inside the sword to act as a sword hand and the core. I cut metal rod in the right length and cut the swords blade out of eva foam. 

I used dremel to engrave a groove for the metal rod. 
Then I glued the metal rod to the groove using bison tix contact adhesive gel and dremeled the blade to look like a sword blade. 

After dremeling and sanding I made little crevices with soldering iron using a hot knife attachment. and then I covered the whole thing in worbla. 

I started to make the swords guard and it was more trickier than i would like to admit.
I made it out of worbla and craftfoam, it came out little thicker than I would have like it to be after I added the LEDs. 

I bought 20 led light in two colors and I received 3 different colors. But it didn't matter so much in this because I was trying to mimic flames after all. I used Worblas traspart to create little flame around the led so the leds light would spread more evenly (in hind sight i should have sand the traspart better, I only sanded the edges and it wasn't enough)  I tried the leds on and made the connections to the switch and from the switch to the battery (I used 9 volt battery. as my leds instructions said)

When all the details were done I removed the leds and primed the whole sword with plastic spray paint (something like plasti dip but from biltema and cheaper.)

I wanted to give it that old gold Dwemer ruins vibe, so I used Inka golds.
I used colors gold and brown-gold. I didn't put on any primer paint because the plastic spraypaint was black and gave really nice and smooth surface. Inka golds work like rub and buff so I used my fingers to add the color to the sword and rub it in with my fingers or with a rag. Trying to get it in all the little crevices. (I made some battle damage to the blade by using soldering iron with hot knife attachment.) 

First layer made with brown-gold and then coming back with the gold.

after painting i added my lights and soldered them in. this was my first time ever making anything with lights so it was a learning experience.  After all I made it and the lights work just perfectly.

To hide the light switch and battery i braided a faux leather over the grip and made removable pommel so i could also replace the battery when it dies.
Detailll Detaailll Deeetaailll

First selfie ever with the sword.

And here it is in the stage in action

Photo by : Matias Tukiainen

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