keskiviikko 12. lokakuuta 2016

Look into my Skyrim Iron war axe

Sometimes you just have to make some last minute props. 
I really didn't have time to take any  pictures of this prop build due to the deadline. 
This was under 10 hour build.
I made pattern out of the paper witch I transferred to EVA foam I cut the pieces using  well sharpen box cutter. Then I made core out of 0,5cm thick metal rod in the shape of axe. I carved out a groove in the inside of the eva foam so I could place the metal core there.
then I assembled the axe and carved it out in the shape I wanted. I used soldering iron on the handle for the wood grain effect and dremel for the forged metal look on the blade.

I primed the whole thing using plastic spray paint (like plasti dip) and painted it with acrylic paints.
for the leather parts of the handle i used real leather which I had.   

If you are wondering how I exactly made it You should go watch evil teds tutorial on how to make Skyrim iron war axe I watched it and used it as an guide and inspiration. 
He is truly a foam smith <3.

Here is my finished product. It is super light it only weights around 100-150grams 
and it is really durable.

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