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Skyrim Dragonborn part 3/3 Studded armor and iron gauntlets

Hellooouuu and welcome to the third and last part of my Skyrim Dragonborn costume build.
In this post I will focus on the studded armor and iron gauntlets.

In the last part you already saw how I made the belt buckles so I will go right into how i made the belt.
I measured my waist and cut out leather pieces that looked the ones in the reference picture.
I sewed the pieces together using sewing machines buttonhole stitch and leather needle.  

After sewing all the pieces together I punched over 150 holes around the belt in order to sew the edge by hand using flax yarn.
I also braided 2 meters of flax yarn and added it to the belt to cover the sewing machines stitch. 

Then I attached the buckles in place using contact adhesive 

Then onto the studded armors leather covers.
I measured the length from my hip to my knee and  made template out of paper and cut 4 identical pieces out of leather.  
I then punched over 500 holes to the covers so I could sew flax yarn around the edge. Although time consuming this was far more easier than try to go right through the leather only using needle.
It did took me somewhere around 3-6 hours I really lost track of time.
I did do some other things in the meanwhile but my camera says first pic is taken 12 a clock and last picture is taken 16.40.

After punching the holes I dremeled some wood buttons. 
Like 80 pieces!
Then I spray painted them with metallic silver and added some highlights and aging with silver and black acrylic paint. 

I really like the texture. In my eyes it really does look like hammered studs.

Then I figured out the placement of the studs and added them using contact adhesive.
My choice of glue is Bison Tix.
it's really cheap and comes in a big can 750ml = 9,90€ you can get it from atleast these places= Motonet, Hongkong. 

For my skit I also made this whiterun Cheer Skirt.

I made the top using linen 
I made small holes in the fabric and added eyelets for the leather strap. 
This was pain in the **s but it really does look better with them.
female dragonborn also has a waist belt over her top.
I made it out of leather. And added some studs made out of wood and polymorph   
Fur parts of the studded armor are mostly made from scratch genuine brown and white fur all pieced together like a patchwork blanket.
I bought the fur strips from hobby shop for a 3 € they were left overs and would have gone to garbage. There wasn't enough white fur so I had to buy fake fur from Hyvinkään kangastukku.
I used hairspray for minimize the fur loss during cutting the fabric.
First fitting with unfinished belt and "skirt"
Getting there!

I assembled the "skirt" with all of it's pieces and made wraparound fastening on the back using velcro.

Only needs some weathering and battle damage.

Then theres is the auntlets and gloves.
I will not go in to the gloves more specifically I have an tutorial already about them in my blog if you are interested go HERE 
Gloves are made out of stretchy cotton blend and the gauntlet parts are 0,6 cm craft foam and real fur strips sewn together to create a tube and then attached to each other with leather strips.
I used same techniques to paint the gauntlets as I did with the iron boots.
I so hate making gloves!

And here is my Dragonborn in all of her might!
With cheer skirt coming from the under -__-
Can't wait to go to shoot more dovahkiin pictures!

I probably will do a one more post about my stage props
so stay tuned 

Mintfox over and out <3

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