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Skyrim Dragonborn part 2/3 Iron armor parts

So Welcome to the second part of my Skyrim Dragonborn build. 
This was probably the most fun and least bloody part of this cosplay.

Be warned this will be a mile long post

In this part of the costume I used first time ever Worbla!
I really did fell in love with the ease of the material. 

So first lets talk about the prize and availability in Finland.
I guess the best way to buy worbla is from a convention! that way you don't have to pay mailing which will increase the prize with 8-12€.
I bought my worbla at Cosvision from ompelimo- Verhoomo Tera ky booth.
 XL piece of Worbla cost 62€
But if you need it before con you can buy it from online of course!
Here is couple of places. 

So I made the armor parts mostly using EVA foam and worbla, and working for the first time ever with worbla all of this is only my own experience i'm not telling you how to do it or if it is the best way to do it I'm just telling how I did it for the first time and what I might do different next time  when I'm using worbla. 

Then I guess we can go right to the main part of the post! The costume build!

Lets start with the Pauldron.
Here you can see the pauldron laying over the belt. 

 I measured my shoulder and made a paper template just eyeballing the shape and when I was happy whit it I traced it to 0,6 cm craft foam.
I also traced the details on the foam.

I decided to use 0,2cm craft foam to make the details. After detailing I sandwiched worbla over the piece, making sure that I got all the crevices that all the embossing would appear in the final product. 

First I made some of the embossing too big so I had to peel layer off, and make it whole againg.

 Peeled layer  and new layer waiting to be mold.
Final product, you can hardly tell the filling from the original layer.

Belt parts.
I used 0,6 cm craft foam for the base and 0,2 cm craft foam for the embossings (and some worbla for detail too)

for making worbla sandwich I heated two little big bigger parts than the foam and sandwiched the foam between the worbla parts and cut the excess rim off. 

On the left: Ready  worbla sandwich and on the right 4-6 layers of wood clue and white acrylic color for base.

In all parts of the armor I made some battle damage using soldering iron with a blade tip.
then I painted them with black matte paint and over that with silver acrylic paint.
To get the uneven and aged surface I used sponge and a stippling motion.

Iron boots armor parts are also made out of worbla and craft foam.

I made a template out of my leg and traced it to craft foam. 

I Made the pyramid parts out of finnfoam and glued them in the craft foam.
Then I covered it all in worbla. 
Weathering with modeling paints.

Rust buddies
leg armor and gauntlets
(more about gauntlets in part 3)

I spray painted the insides of the leg armor and the pauldron with silver spray paint. 
I also attached some D loops inside so I can attach them to the costume with some leather straps.  

For the boots I bought leather bootees and took them apart
 (they were 4 size too big so I had to take couple of cm in)
 I also added partial boot covers to create longer shaft and added real fur on the top.

Ready to use Pauldron

I also made under arm strap so the pauldron would stay in place while moving arms.

Belt parts all done

I hate how this post game out looking so gluttered.
But I guess that is something that happens when you have tons of pictures and lots to say.

In the next post I will go more into the studded armor and gauntlets and other stuff that required sewing.

Mintfox over and out 


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