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Skyrim Dragonborn part 1/3 iron helmet

And so on ! Finally it's time for some Skyrim WIP
I decided that I will do the most iconic thing from the came.  
The Iron Helmet
The Helm of the Dovahkiin!


I started by making pattern on my head from cardboard.
Once I had figured out the pattern I took my old trusty EVA foam and transferred the pattern onto it.

Hardest part of the helmet was the top part, the helm. I just couldn't figure it out.  
I wanted to minimize visible seams and tried to make it out of one single piece of EVA foam by heating it up and bending it into a dome shape. 
Well it didn't work out so great, I guess the EVA foam was way too thick so I had to think of something else.  

After good night sleep I figured it out. 
I went to Harraste and bought all of their 0,5 cm craft foam.
I made the dome out of 4 different pieces using the 0,5 cm thick craft foam. 
I was too hasty while gluing the pieces together and I was left with nasty cap on top. 
But it didn't hinder me because it wouldn't show after the helmet is ready.
For the small caps I put some plastic putty.


For details like nose and bridge over the head I used 0,2cm craft foam. 
All the little stud details are hot glue. 
I made the battle damage with carpet knife.


I made the horns out of EVA foam

Have to say these horns were probably the hardest part in this helmet!

I primed the whole thing with Gesso 2 times.

Then I painted the hole thing with black acrylic matte paint

I made little concoction out of black and silver acrylic colors which i used to paint the whole helmet using a stippling motion and sponge. 

In my eye the color was still too bright and I weathered it  more with some water diluted black acrylic paint. 

I left the dilution on for about 30 seconds and then wiped the excess off with paper towel.

I added some rust coloring overall everywhere and especially in the creases. 

Just missing the horns


And the final product with horns and all!

I have to say I hate making horns! Even more than gloves!

Well that was a mouth full or an eye full...  
Next parts of my dovahkiin wip posts will not be this specific or long! 
 I guess there will be two more parts.
Until next time, 

Mintfox over and out!

P.s I hope to see you at Desucon this weekend!!

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