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RyukoMatoi -Senketsu school uniform wip

Oh My Glob it's been like a million years since I posted something in here.
I really haven't grasp the idea that it is March April already 
and I feel like I haven't got anything done since January. 
 I have been working a lot lately and i'm trying to live that responsible adult life paying my bills and working full time, which probably isn't my piece of cake but hey you have to try everything once!  

When it comes to cosplay I have been working on a secret cosplay. And also not so secret cosplay which i'm about to tell you more in this post.
Suprise suprise the cosplay I have been working on is Ryuko Matoi in senketsu school uniform (that normal version.) 
I thought this would be one of those comfy cosplays since I don't have many of  those.
This version will be fourth Ryuko that I have done and I think this will not be last.

I started with the skirt.
 I had never done pleated skirt so I watched some tutorials online and got the overall idea.  
I started with 5 cm wide pleats after doing them I realized they were way too big and it looked like a granny skirt. 
So I started all over again now with 3 cm wide pleats and this time I really liked the outcome.
 I ironed the pleats in place with spraying water on them but they didn't hold so I looked up in the internet and found out that if you mix some vinegar into the water  it will stay in shape better and Vòila the pleats stayed in place!

Next I made the eye patch. i choose faux leather in black and white. 
The white part (Scar) I painted with Humbrol enamel model paint in the color aluminium.
First I was going to make it without the shoulder strap but ended up doing it for better hold.

Suspenders are made out of rubber band. I measured the right length and sewn them to my old bras and put suspender clips in the ends that fastens to the skirt to give the illusion of suspenders.

I made the shirt in a crop top style with long sleeves it was probably the trickiest part. 


I made sailor collar and attached it to the shirts neckline and made a detachable bow to the front.
It looked more like the reference picture than making the whole scarf under the collar.

Here is just your everyday average sleeves with red stripes.

The healthy eye I made out of cotton and attached it under the collar with Velcro.

Side pouches are made out of black fauxleather and sewn to the belt.

Wig is an old one which I also used for bunny pajama Ryuko.

This is probably one the comfiest cosplays I have made and also I can portray my favorite character So it's a win win situation!

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Minttukettu over and out!

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