lauantai 19. maaliskuuta 2016

Strength photoshoot

So finally we had the time to go and take some photos of strength!!
 I have been waiting this for so long now and Finally it happened. 
It was really beautiful spring day, the sun was shining, I had day of from work and the thermometer was way above zero! just perfect!

We went to our olden but golden photo shoot place, the abandoned match stick factory, 
unfortunately it will be demolished this summer R.I.P 
Got to find some place new where to shoot.

I really like the way these photos turned out there were so many good ones that it was hard to choose which ones to put here.

Also we experienced one of those cosplay moments when you have to pose in really stupid position to look good in the picture and this time also my photographer got to taste his own medicine while he was lying on the dirty floor on his side that we could get as much angle as possible to the picture.  
Nevertheless it was FUN.

So I guess you wanna see these pictures really badly, so here they are! 


I had a blast at the shoot! I hope you can see it in the pictures. 
Strength is so easy to wear and
 I really do love those hands they are so big yet they look so petite.

Here in the end I made a little GIF for you <3

Series: Black Rock Shooter
Character:  Strength
Photo: Sampo Henttonen
Cosplay : Minttukettu

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