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Strength BRS WIP 4

I have almost survived from the con hangover so it's time to write the final part of Strengths progress

I Decided to make strengths gloves so in case I'm too tired to carry around over meter long hands I could dump them somewhere safe and still be fully clothed 

Pretty forward just made gloves with some patting on the top

*_* Gloves why you so hard

Strength has brownish/hazelish eyes, but when she goes insane her eyes turns to yellow orange with circular pattern. 
It was really difficult to find right looking lenses and to addition to that the lenses have to be prescription with power of  -4.
 Luckily i found honeycolors website and they had these awesome Twiligth (yes you read right) lenses with -4 power! Prize quality great and the lenses came in time.

This was my first time using these kind of lenses. I do normally wear everyday clear contact lenses but these were so much more different than the ones I have used to wear. 
I tried them on couple of times first time they felt bad! Like I had whole bunch of leaves on my eyes. I rinsed my eyes with normal Allin1 solution and then tried to put them on again, second time I didn't feel them almost at all and I wore them 8 hours straight and they felt pretty good. (If you don't count that sometimes I saw half orange and half normally :D  ) 

 I was really happy that the color did really pop out( eventhough my own eyes are kinda dark).
Bad picture: The lenses are more orange than brown  

She has these shoes... Oh these shoes! I have to say I really don't enjoy so much doing shoes. 
First of all my feet are pain in the A*s. It's really difficult to find any shoes that will fit me and wont give me horrible pain. So high heels are almost always out of question.
Thank god to the character designer that they didn't give her high heels!!  

I found these shoes from Citymarket on sale only for a 5 €. I thought these would serve the purpose because they also look a lot like the ones that she wears while insane and i'm planning on doing her dress next/soon/someday. 

I measured the fabric around my feet with the shoe on and pinned in place, then I took the whole thing off and replace the pins that had gone off and sew it. I cut hole for the zipper and sew it in place. Then I forged and shaped the fabric in place pinned it in to the shoe, cut the excess fabric off and glued it on with contact glue.  
The round ankle part was made out of EVA foam I don't have any pictures :''(

The tail is made out of  EVA foam edges and craft foam. I glued the edges together and on the other side I glued the craft foam. I heat treated it with heat gun and give it little curve. I used dremel engraver on the edges to give it that rough bio mechanical look. My intention was to use the smooth side(light side) on top but decided to flip it over and use the darker side with the visible center line (like it was my spine) 

I used gesso to prime the tail and and black acrylic paint to paint it. 

Dress from behind, with cat!

My stage prop was just a BIG OL' BOX! made out of old cardboard boxes.  It was suppose to smoke but we didn't get smoke. My intention first was to hit the box so it would shake and smoke but our stage mentor said it would be much more epic to hit to the audiences direction. So we went with that, and the box shook behind me.


Recap on hands.
 To get some texture the hands are made out of 5 different materials.
EVA foam
finnfoam(insulation foam)
camping mattress
The body is made out of cardboard and finnfoam the  3 main fingers are made out of 0,5cm craftfoam and the thumb is made out of EVA foam. Center embossing is made out of EVA Foam and and the base of the fingers is made out of  camping mattress.

Here is my first try with the whole outfit on. 
And a CAT
(The fingers do move on their own.)

I guess this will be a good place to end this post so
Mintfox over and out 
P.S.S  I will write a small post about Desucon Frostbite and the ECG.

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