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Desucon Frostbite and ECG preliminaries 2016

Well hello you ;) !
The chief convention of this year is now over. 
At the moment my next con will be Tampere kuplii in march to be more precise 16-20.3.2016

I guess I should talk little bit about Desucon and ECG.
Like I said earlier in one of my blog posts it was very extempore to enter the ECG preliminaries. 
I guess it was some kind of  milestone I had to reach. After all it was my 2 year anniversary in cosplay so I had to do something meaningful to leave a mark in my books.
Also 1 minute time limit for skit really intrigued me.

There was lot of new stuff involved this project and I'm ever grateful that I have so good friends and partner who help me in my time of need.

One of those new and scary things was background tape. 
Never have I ever!
Luckily I got help with editing from a friend who also  guide me with my vocalwork and borrowed me his microphone and stuff and gizmos and shits.

Thank you, you know who <3!  

Most scary thing ever!
The judging

Even though I have small stage fright I managed to go out there without any proplems but the judging Oh my Glob! It was small room at the end of the hallway there were 3 judges with their reference pictures and me standing in the middle of the room, trying to be as small as I could with my hands.
My biggest fear was that I would freeze, forget everything I was suppose to say and start stutter.

But it went alright. I remembered almost everything I had to say, we even laughed a little and the tension slowly went away. WARNING the judges really come to skin. I could feel the wandering eyes, the turning of the seams and the breathing on my neck (even though i was wearing hood and collar) . 

When it comes to the convention this was really much contest con. I spent Friday and most of Saturday on backstage, but I did manage to sneak to the convention site and roll around a little.

Here i'm assembling my stage prop.

 After Saturdays competition I was pretty much exhausted and just wanted to take the cosplay off and got to drink and eat.
Photo: Tuomas Siitoinen/

My hands felt like they had had little work out during the day an eight hour work out to be precise.
i'm lucky that these hands only weight 1,5-2 kg per hand 

Here is proof that I really was there even if you didn't see me :D 

Desucon and ECG are over and I had a blast at my first ever competition.
The flame has now been lit.

Here is some onstage photos where my face is like bulldog chewing a wasp.
Photographers don't be offended the photos are perfect!! It's just my face!
€€Ilmeitä vitosella!€€

© 2016 Jenni Suominen

© 2016 Mikael Peltomaa

Here in the end I could put the link into the skit


Please be gentle, it was my first time ever on stage performing
 <3 <3 <3

Mintfox over and out 



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