perjantai 1. tammikuuta 2016

2015 was and went!

I feel like 2016 came from the front door before 2015 left from the back.
 2015 was full of work all I can remember from last summer was work. 
I really didn't have any time to  make costumes and  I  ended up recycling Junketsu three times and that is a lot! R.I.P Junketsu may he rest in piece(s).
 But i also ended up winning my first prize ever on Kosucons cosplay competition in beginners series! Which is nice!   

So I guess this will be one of those cliche post about my year 2015.

2015 started traditionally with Frostbite in February. 
I decided to make Athena from borderlands pre-sequel and I guess it was a little bit too much for me at that point. I hadn't done any armor and I was pretty bad when it came to that area, so Athena was pretty much fail and error and only little success.

If I have to say something good about Athena it would the sword and the shield! 
I freaking love them!

I also made Ryuko in her bunny pajamas to Frostbite 
It was very extempore costume and I made it in haste, but it ended up being one of my favorite cosplays of 2015 pajama outfit is the chill outfit for those hangover days <3

Third and most used cosplay of 2015 was Ryuko wearing Junketsu.

This was a long road of trying and learning through my mistakes. Biggest reason why junketsu isn't as good as it could be as a costume, is that I didn't have much money.  I was still in school and lived on my student allowance so the budget for him was small. Smaller than I would have liked it to be.

Nevertheless I loved that outfit and  now it has earn his retirement.
I wore junketsu in Desucon Tracon and in Kosucon.

Summer I met some of the most awesome people ever and had a blast with everyone
(Remember kids it's no to drinking and driving not to drinking and cosplaying ;) )

In November I entered European Cosplay Cathering finlads preliminaries and they accepted me.
I had started working Black rock shooter Strength couple of weeks before and decided she would the the perfect candidate for the competition. So after the acceptation letter i started working on her in double speed.  

My new years resolution is to make more costumes than last year and go to more conventions
So i guess bigger better faster is the slogan! 

Happy new year ya all!

Minttukettu out

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  1. Näitä sun cosseja on aina ilo katsella! c:
    Hyvää uutta vuotta sinnekin ja tsemppiä tuohon Strengthin valmistamiseen ja itsessään ECG: hen! ^__^

    1. Kiitos hirmuisesti! ilo kuulla :) ja kiitos, stemppi on nyt tarpeeseen, huii jännittää!!