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Tie dye for winter

Even though the weather wasn't what we expected from the summer, we can still lift our spirits before winter by dressing in some of the most coolest things that this summer had to offer. 
I bet Everyone have tried at some point in their childhood to tie dye something in their school or in summer camp and now this 90's fad has come back so this summers thing totally was Tie Dye.
I'm not so much into those in your face drum circle hippie tie dyes.
 I wanna go with little bit more subtle approach.

Here is my creation of this summer's HIP Thing

You start with a shirt you want to paint I bought mine from h&m with 3€ then you wet it completely and squeeze out all the excess water 
I decided to go with heart shape in the middle so I made heart pattern and folded the shirt and draw the shape with yellow pencil on the shirt.

Next you need your rubber bands but I didn't have any so I used hairbands

To get the heart shape you have to gather the heart in a single rubber band starting from the tip and working your way to the end and tightly gathering it making sure you have followed your lines perfectly otherwise your heart will not look like heart.

Then I took some normal textile colors.
 I used Schjernings textil solid for dark fabric and to make them Tie dyeish I diluted them in small amount of water.
Then you just soak the life out of the shirt by adding different colors to the areas you want them and after the artsy part you put it in zip lock bag and let it sit over night.

Next day you rinse the shirt thoroughly until there is only clear water coming out of the shirt, then let it dry and after that iron the colors in.

And here is the end result!

I have wash it now couple of times in washing machine (in 35 C ) and the colors hasn't come of,
 so i'm pretty happy about it :D 

Enjoy your tie dyeing!

Mintfox over and out! 

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