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Ryuko Matoi junketsu override part 5 I spy with my Eye

Thank god all the stress during these two weeks before Desucon is now finally lifted of !
 I had the most intense schedule ever. My graduation was week before Desucon so I had to make my graduation dress,  my teachers presents and all so write a graduation speech 
(I was selected to speak behalf of all graduating students). 
Then there was my goddaughters birthday party and I had to make her a present and go to work and off course try to finish my beloved  Junketsu.

Now I only have to concentrate to work and edit photos and write all these post about the costume :)
Now when I have gotten that out of my chest lets get to the costume business, shall we.

Earlier I wrote how I started making the leg diamonds out of softplast and changed my mind and made them out of 0,5 cm craft foam so here is how they came out I really like the way they look.
I bought the craft foam from Harraste OY Tre. It cost 4 € a piece (30*45cm)

I primed them with wood glue and painted with white Hobby line acrylic paint. 

For the hand diamonds I first made stencil and cut the pieces out of Evafoam and craft foam.  
3 pieces of 1,2cm Eva foam and 2 pieces of 0,7cm craft foam.
I glued them together with contact glue and cut the hole for arm.
I primed them with wood glue and painted with Hobby line acrylic paints.

This is what happens when your contact glue clogs and you try to force it :/

There was so many little things that I had to make for the outfit one of them was the spine wich I made out of finnfoam and painted with acrylic paints. At the moment they are attached with some Velcro but later on I will buy some studs.

It was so hard to find white high heel shoes that would be comfortable to wear for an 8 hours straight. (Especially when I got some problems with my feet.)

 I decided to make boot covers for one of my older trustworthy shoes. These boot covers were really easy and I think they came out really nice 
I just pinned the fabric around the shoe and then took it of and sew it. I painted the heel with acrylic colors and glued the fabric in place with contact glue. I bought 6 meters of blue satin ribbon and it all went, there was just enough for the shoes. 

Then lets move tot he Wig! The wig was not anything like the photo. There literally wasn't any black on it but I went with it, this was my first wig I have styled from the begin.

So this is the wig when I start with it 

During styling

Ready from the side

The bodysuit was tricky one. I copied my borderlands Maya bodysuit and modified it a lot. 
I didn't have the material I wanted to use so I had to make compromise and use spandex. 
The fabric was so thin that I had to make it two layered.   

first pattern.                                       Putting on the satin bias tape.

first fitting

I bought silicone string from fabric store and used it on the sides to keep the bodysuit in place. 
 It would be all so easy to Photoshop out of pictures which was a plus! 

 I had some problems with this costume and Junketsus eyes were one of those problems. 
After all it wasn't as hard as I thought and it came out great. 
You just got to keep believing if not in yourself then your boyfriend. 

I made stencil out of paper and I work with it until I got it right.

I bought EVA foam from biltema ( 14€) everybody has been talking about it how great it was and such so I just had to try it out. Biltema only had 1,2cm Foam so I took it.
 Later thinking it was too thick for the eyes. 

You must be thinking why the paper pattern doesn't look anything like the EVA foam ones, well
even though I had the heat gun it was kinda hard to mold and work to the shape I wanted it. 
Just had to use brute force!  

After getting the shape I wanted I glued the pieces together with contact glue and secured the places with hot glue.

First junketsu eye fitting and wig testing.
(That's my graduation dress hanging there.) 

I hate how the tip of the eye came out. Glue just didn't hold in shape and it just burst and I tried to fix it but my time was running out. 
It was wednesday and Desucon was on saturday. 

There is literally million layers of white paint on there. 

Painted junketsu and 3D parts on the making

Test fitting!
 How to get these bad asses to stay on my shoulders.
There is rubber band on the back and Velcro on the back of my bodysuit (shoulder plades) as also on
the front of my sailor collar (collarbones).

Even though I started making this costume on april I made about 70% of it during the week before Desucon. That's hell of a lot of work hours!
I worked everyday from 9 AM to 4 AM.

I think this outfit was worth it. 

~Mintfox over and out :) 

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  1. Woah, the wig looks so different.. xD But you did great styling it!
    I must say that the progress on this costume is excellent as well. I hope that you will photoshoot it so we get to see photos of it in action! :D

    1. Thank you so much :) the wig was horrible!! I must have used over 8 hours on it, making the red extensions and cutting it and styling Oh Gawd never again I say. in a matter of fact We already did a photo shoot last weekend when I debuted junketsu in Desucon, we wound this awesome construction site and took some photos there. and of course we shoot some photos in the con area all so. I already put some photos on my facebook and devianart account if your interested http://minttukettu.deviantart.com/ I will later on make a post about the photoshoot here too :)