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Ryuko Matoi junketsu override part 4 Jetback is back in action

Jetback aka yeti is here once again to shred my nerves. 
Naah just kidding i freaking love this thing! 
So lets start with the basics.
I had to take screen shots with my phone to see the back of junketsu.
You better be quick with that tricker finger.

I also found this original artwork but the style of the outfit changes so much through out the episode so I made little compromise and decided to use the best of both worlds 

So Ryukos junketsu jetback has 5 visible grills most of the time so I decided to go with that number. 
 This is my second jetback, even though this is similar to the other one it's not exact copy.
This time too I made the back piece out of finnfoam.

Before we start here is Tip of the day:
If you want your angle to be 45 degrees you just take off  as big slice of as your pieces height is

here is example. my finnfoam is 2 cm high so just measure 2 cm on the top and cut it diagonal 
you have to cut it that way that the blade touches the both corners.

Tadaa here you have 45 degree angle

Now on with the jetback.
 I bought blue Tamya spraypaint instead of acrylic paints to get more even surcace.
In case you didn't know Tamya has model spraypaints that does not contain solvents so they are finnfoam and styrofoam save to use.   

I made stencil and copied it to finnfoam then I cut it in a desired angle. 
so after cutting my bottom I made the edges out of 0,5cm craft foam
and measured the spaces between grills

here is spray painted bottom and all ready cut grooves for the grills

some testing with the edges 

pre-cut grills waiting to be painted i all so used the same spray paint to the grills which i used to the bottom

fitting the grills in place.

Spray painted and hot glued grills waiting for the finishing touches and edges.

After I glued the edges on I made a sailor collar but i didn't have enough fabrick so I had to figure something else. So I made a little sailor visor  attached to the jetback with craft foam inside it to make it more stiff and the counterpiece was the sailor collar.    

The collar was so hard to do but I love the outcome.
First i made pattern of the neck piece and sew it and then i spend hours on figuring out the rest of it :'D 

Jetback was  attached to the sailor collar with some Velcro and also attached to my back with some Velcro that bad ass wasn't going anywhere!

For this cosplay I made the best discovery ever from Biltema!  They had Velcro tape that stick to any material like tick so i used it lots in this outfit! 
Less sewing !

Front piece is made out of two seperated pieces due to lack of fabrick.
I put velcro on the right shoulder and right side of the neck and all so on the chest for  junketsus eyes 

The chest plate is made out of 0.5cm craft foam primed with wood glue and painted with acrylics.
I totally screwed with the orange part. It didn't show so much so i'm okay with it. I suck at doing symmetrical and identical things!

I just love the outcome of the jetback and the sailor collar <3

Next post is all so about junketsu I hope I don't have to do more than five of these :D
See you next time
Mintfox over and out! 

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