perjantai 12. kesäkuuta 2015

Evil Ryuko Photoshoot

Hello lovelies <3
 I know some of you  have waited these pictures as eager as I have.
As you may know I debuted my Ryuko Junketsu Override last Saturday in Desucon 5-7.6.15.
We took many photos at con but the wind in the harbor was horrid and I'm not completely happy with the way my wig was acting.
We all so went on a little rogue road trip and found this awesome construction site with these huge rusty metallic cable reels.
 It was perfect place for a junketsu photo shoot.
(Even though I was pretty tired during the construction site shoot we took some good pictures)
So here is the fruits of our labor enjoy ;)

Lahti Desucon Harbor

 Lahti secret construction site

You know that feeling when you take 300 pictures and you only find 3 that are good. Yeah me too. :D

I'm really pleased with these pictures and I'm really happy with the outfit.
 This costume fits my personality really well. It's so easy to be Evil Ryuko.
 I all so love the way it looks in the photos.

Hope you enjoyed these photos as much i did.


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