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Ryuko Matoi Junketsu Override part 3 Gloves

Hello my fellow cosplayers and readers. 
I have made some progress and also took some steps backwards.

In my last post I started making the diamond leg parts and well now I have decided that I will be making them out of  EVA foam instead of Softplast. There's plenty of reasons for that but main reason is that I'm afraid that I will screw them up while sitting if I make them out of softplast. And I think EVA foam will be more durable and more flexible in that area.

Also I started making gloves for my junketsu, these are second ones I have ever made. 
So here is how I made the gloves.

I started by tracing my hand on to paper. I chosed normal paper instead of pattern paper because I thought it would keep the pattern more firmly at place especially when I'm now dealing with Lycra.

Most important thing is that you make  first a test piece, that way you can alter the pattern and see all the flawes in it.

Here I have cut the test pattern and pin it to it's place on my scrap fabrics

One thing that will make things easier when sewing is that you don't cut the pattern out of the fabric until you have sew it completely.

Here you can see that my index finger and ring finger are doing the DR. Zoidberg and we don't want that now do we.

So i made a new pattern with the alterations and sew it.

when sewing i sew just at the edge of the pattern

Trying glove on, the thump and pinkie are too big.

After the alterations  here is the finished product. 
I'm happy with the result but i just hoped that I would have find some white faux leather to make these out of, unfortunately they don't anymore make the fabric I wanted and they didn't have any scraps left so i had to settle for this.

It took about 1 hour and 15 minutes to make these gloves.

Also today a very kind mailman brought me Ryukos hair extensions!
They are so long, lot of hair for 1,50€ !
Now we just wait for the wig to show up so we can style that badass.

For now Mintfox over and out!

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