maanantai 20. huhtikuuta 2015

Ryuko Matoi Junketsu Override part 2

Junketsus Power is thriving trough me and this costume is coming together so fast! 

Today i started making Ryukos thigh "diamond" parts. 
I decided to make them from softplast which is really light weighted material and when it's completely dry it reminds something like plaster and paper mache.

My awesome template

Drying place made out of  old camping mattress :D

Well it's not all the way dry yet, but it stays in shape. 
I like the outcome the shape is good and it fits my leg nicely, now it need some sand paper and paint. 


That motherfukker went and cracked :(
God Dammit
Well it's nothing I cant fix with some filler and paint

Second time filling it.
Now i just let it dry
fix it and sand it like for the hundredth times
I'm not sure if I'm happy with this. But I'm done with sanding! 
Next step painting.

On my last post I wrote about these awesome Digimon hand pants :''D i finally finished them and you won't believe me but they stay up!
I just wish I would own a serger it would make thing so much easier and faster!

I decided that best way to make these pants stay up would be rubber-band so i made a 5 cm thick hem on the top and thread the rubber-band there. 

Here you can see my ass finished product 

Minttukettu Over and out! 
See you next time
Also here is my new hair and some sort of lame excuse for a duckface

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