keskiviikko 12. lokakuuta 2016

Look into my Skyrim Iron war axe

Sometimes you just have to make some last minute props. 
I really didn't have time to take any  pictures of this prop build due to the deadline. 
This was under 10 hour build.
I made pattern out of the paper witch I transferred to EVA foam I cut the pieces using  well sharpen box cutter. Then I made core out of 0,5cm thick metal rod in the shape of axe. I carved out a groove in the inside of the eva foam so I could place the metal core there.
then I assembled the axe and carved it out in the shape I wanted. I used soldering iron on the handle for the wood grain effect and dremel for the forged metal look on the blade.

I primed the whole thing using plastic spray paint (like plasti dip) and painted it with acrylic paints.
for the leather parts of the handle i used real leather which I had.   

If you are wondering how I exactly made it You should go watch evil teds tutorial on how to make Skyrim iron war axe I watched it and used it as an guide and inspiration. 
He is truly a foam smith <3.

Here is my finished product. It is super light it only weights around 100-150grams 
and it is really durable.

Skyrim next level (redoing some parts)

Stepping up my adventurer game I decided to weather and add some little details to my skyrim cosplay. I added braids to the waist belt and around the medals in the hip belt.

I smudged acrylic paints mixed with water into the fur parts to make them look dirtier

I also remade the beltbuckle and added some real rust to the studs.

I bought real rust from Harraste. I bought vallejo pigment in color light rust and clear fixative.
I added the rust powder with pencil and added the fixative with clean pencil. then I let it dry and tadaa I got rust. 

I remade the pauldron. I used 0,5cm craft foam to make the leather part. I created the leathery texture using tin foil witch I had crumbled into a ball and then stretched out leaving me with the texture I wanted. Then I just pressed the foil into the craft foam and ironed over it with my clothes iron.
After texturing I painted it with different hues of browns and black acrylic paints and then I sewed around it with flax thread. 

Finally I remade the gloves from cotton blend and sewed around the edges with tar basted thread.

Sometimes redoing some parts of your cosplay is all you need to spark up the interest and motivation. 

tiistai 11. lokakuuta 2016

Making the dawn breaker from Skyrim

So many pictures but bare with me!
First I scaled the dawnbreaker using 
after that I made template out of the picture of the sword and traced it to paper. 
I decided to use metal rod inside the sword to act as a sword hand and the core. I cut metal rod in the right length and cut the swords blade out of eva foam. 

I used dremel to engrave a groove for the metal rod. 
Then I glued the metal rod to the groove using bison tix contact adhesive gel and dremeled the blade to look like a sword blade. 

After dremeling and sanding I made little crevices with soldering iron using a hot knife attachment. and then I covered the whole thing in worbla. 

I started to make the swords guard and it was more trickier than i would like to admit.
I made it out of worbla and craftfoam, it came out little thicker than I would have like it to be after I added the LEDs. 

I bought 20 led light in two colors and I received 3 different colors. But it didn't matter so much in this because I was trying to mimic flames after all. I used Worblas traspart to create little flame around the led so the leds light would spread more evenly (in hind sight i should have sand the traspart better, I only sanded the edges and it wasn't enough)  I tried the leds on and made the connections to the switch and from the switch to the battery (I used 9 volt battery. as my leds instructions said)

When all the details were done I removed the leds and primed the whole sword with plastic spray paint (something like plasti dip but from biltema and cheaper.)

I wanted to give it that old gold Dwemer ruins vibe, so I used Inka golds.
I used colors gold and brown-gold. I didn't put on any primer paint because the plastic spraypaint was black and gave really nice and smooth surface. Inka golds work like rub and buff so I used my fingers to add the color to the sword and rub it in with my fingers or with a rag. Trying to get it in all the little crevices. (I made some battle damage to the blade by using soldering iron with hot knife attachment.) 

First layer made with brown-gold and then coming back with the gold.

after painting i added my lights and soldered them in. this was my first time ever making anything with lights so it was a learning experience.  After all I made it and the lights work just perfectly.

To hide the light switch and battery i braided a faux leather over the grip and made removable pommel so i could also replace the battery when it dies.
Detailll Detaailll Deeetaailll

First selfie ever with the sword.

And here it is in the stage in action

Photo by : Matias Tukiainen

Skyrim Photoshoot at linnavuori

We did a little Skyrim dragonborn photoshoot a long time ago when it still was warm and you could see the sun more than 4 hours a day.
We went to Linnavuori and all I can remember is MOSQUITOES !

I have played somewhere around 500 hours of skyrim and I always play as Nord. So naturally I just had to make the iconic dovahkiin get up with the iron helmet, studded armor, iron gloves, iron boots and iron war axe. 
It took too long time to edit these photos but here is some fruit of our labor.    
Photo: Sampo Henttonen


Here have a cute little dovahkiin GIF here in the end

torstai 15. syyskuuta 2016

Daedric arrows and What is polymorph

Sooo hello my lovelies it's been a while I know but don't worry I'm back (once again).

In this tutorial type post I'm gonna talk about something called Polymorph plastic.

So what is it and how does it work?
It's is thermoplastic polymer which melts at 62 degrees of Celcius and becomes moldable. 
After it cools down it becomes hard and white once again.
It comes in a form of tiny little white pellets which turn clear as you heat them.
They advice you to only use water for the heating but I have used heat gun on a low setting and it did work OK. You can re-use it by re-heating it.
It is 100% non-toxic and completely biodegradable in soil conditions. 
I bought mine 2014 from ebay from Blrtronics and 1 kg cost 26€ with postage at the time.

So here is how I used polymorph plastic to create daedric arrows.
I heated small amount of polymorph in a porcelain cup.
I used porcelain cup because I used heat gun for the heating. But if you use water for the heating then any plastic container like Tupperware will work fine. Just don't ruin your mothers Tupperware.
Be careful with the pellets they are hot after heating.

Here I have started to form an arrow head around wooden rod. You can see how the polymorph has turned clear during the heating.
I noticed that the arrow heads were filled with my finger prints after molding the plastic with bare hands so to get rid of the fingerprints I used water in my fingers and kneaded the surface smooth.
I molded and re-heated the plastic several times to get the desired result.
To get the sharp arrow head I stick the plastic in cold water to cool it down faster.
After your plastic is completely cooled down and hardened you can paint it with any colors you like I choosed spraypaint for the base and acrylic paints for detailing and effect. 

And here is my Daedric arrows!

I hope this little "tutorial" helps you and/or maybe you learned something new.
Tell me if you would like to have something like this more in the future, and if I should make these tutorials in Finnish.

Mintfox over and out
  See you next time <3